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AFS Scholarship Asia KAKEHASHI+(plus) Project 2023/24 - Final Selection

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We are pleased to inform everyone that the final selection process for the AFS Scholarship's Asia KAKEHASHI+(plus) Project 2023/24 was successfully conducted at the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka on Wednesday, 26th July 2023.

During this rigorous selection process, a distinguished panel from the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka meticulously evaluated all the applications received from talented and motivated individuals seeking this valuable scholarship opportunity. After much consideration, the panel has finalized the list of deserving scholars who will be representing Sri Lanka in this unique cultural exchange program.

We extend our sincerest congratulations to the selected scholars for their exceptional achievement. We acknowledge their dedication and enthusiasm and believe they will contribute significantly to strengthening the bonds between nations.

We express our gratitude to the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka for providing invaluable support and expertise throughout the selection process, ensuring its success.

To the selected scholars, we wish you a fruitful and transformative journey ahead. Your participation in this program signifies a unique opportunity to represent your country on an international platform, and we have no doubt that you will make the most of this enriching experience.

Thank you to all applicants for your interest and efforts in applying for the AFS Scholarship's Asia Kakehashi + Project 2023/24.

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