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Sponsored by Eastern Culture Foundation, organized by Sputnik International Japan,
conducted by Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization. 

Eastern Culture Foundation
Sputnik International Japan
Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization


Sustainable Support for Southeast Asian Artists, with Cutting-edge Digital Technologies!

White Canvas started as a new kind of painting competition for young artists from Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand in 2020.Our aim for the next 10 years is to become a platform for talented yet undiscovered artists from the region’s developing countries to shine and be launched into the world.

To make this possible, we use two technologies—Blockchain and VR space.

1. Creating sustainable livelihood for the artists:

The authoring artist will gain a portion of the sale, fairly and transparently, each time the work is bought and sold.

We make this revolutionary idea reality through the use of blockchain technology. Selected works from the awards will bear IC tags through Startbahn Cert. platform—each a unique identifier that connects the work to the artist and his buyers. Crucial information about its authorship, ownership, and the sales values from each transaction will be securely stored on a blockchain.

2. Connecting artists from the rural parts of the region to the biggest economies in the world:

We built a virtual museum for the artwork created by the selected artists, on COMONY platform—an open platform for custom 3D space for connecting users to each other. Anyone can use her computer and/or smartphone to view and experience the artwork as if they are visiting it in real space and time.


Theme : Free
Application Deadline: May 10th - August 10th, 2023
Selection Period: August 11th - October 11th, 2023
Local Awarding Ceremony: November, 2023

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Selected Artworks from '2023'

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